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Skill Boosters training is trusted by many of the world's leading businesses

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Online courses

Video-rich interactive training modules of between 30 and 60 minutes. Trackable (SCORM/Tin Can compliant). Smartphone, tablet and PC compatible.

Video briefings

10 to 14 – minute videos providing a quick and concise overview of the key learning points of a topic. Learning is delivered through drama, expert comment and lived-experience. Ideal for use in classroom sessions or as mini-courses on your LMS.

Trainer talks

30-minute video workshops presented by a Skill Boosters trainer or subject matter expert (think Ted Talk for the workplace). Delivered in 5-minute video sections with assessment quiz and accompanying notes.

Trainer packs

A complete face-to-face course in a digital box. The pack contains a selection of video clips, editable trainer slide deck with embedded videos and comprehensive trainer notes.

Trainer resources

Skill Boosters video store is packed with over 300 downloadable video clips and ready-to-use trainer packs for HR and training professionals


Tailor courses and video content to suit your exact training needs. Add client branding and create foreign language versions.

Flexible online training ready at the point of need

PC, tablet, smartphone

Flexible, trackable, measurable

Our e-learning courses and videos can be uploaded directly to your learning management system (LMS) or we can host them for you

Training on demand

Become a Skill Boosters annual member and access all our video materials and trainer packs.
Be a full member and access all our online courses too.

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E-learning tailored to you

Skill Boosters off-the-shelf courses and videos can be customised and branded to meet the exact training needs of your people

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No one gets left behind

Simple, cost-effective licensing terms across your organisation

Learning credits – choice and control

Skill Boosters learning credits enable you to give access to any of our courses to individuals or teams and track their progress

Bring your training to life

The Skill Boosters video store has
100s of downloadabe video clips, briefings and trainer packs to enhance your in-house face-to-face training sessions

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Meet the management team behind Skill Boosters

Richard Simmons CBE

Richard Simmons CBE [ Chairman ]

    Bryan De'ath

    Bryan De'ath [ Founder & MD ]

      Marie Kelman

      Marie Kelman [ Head of Digital ]

        Ros Kazi

        Ros Kazi [ Head of Content ]

          Peter Thorpe

          Peter Thorpe [ Sr Sales Director ]

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