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Subject matter experts answer questions on inclusion, leadership, teamwork and well-being

People often talk about the upsides for diversity, but ignore the research that shows that diversity also creates problems. The most interesting thing for me is what makes the difference between diversity being a good thing, and diversity being a bad thing. And it’s inclusion that’s the secret sauce.

Professor Binna Kandola OBEBusiness Psychologist, Senior Partner and co-founder of Pearn Kandola

It's long been shown that people who have the ability to work flexibly, in a way that they want to work, are more productive than those who are sat, fixed rigidly, in an office environment.

Russell BeckDirector of Inspiration, ImagineThinkDo

Some people find it much more difficult than others to be assertive, but anyone can do it and you can learn to do it.

Gordon TinlineBusiness Psychologist

The route into dealing with difficult behaviour, is really the route into building productive relationships with people.

Barry WinboltTherapist and writer

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