The most flexible and cost-effective way to access online training for inclusion, leadership and teamwork.

Flexible and cost-effective learning

Access-all Licensing Plans or ALPs are the flexible and cost-effective way to access
Skill Boosters’ entire catalogue of high-quality video-based online training courses.

Unlock a mountain of training value

For a great value annual subscription fee, based on the size of your organisation or region, you get 12-months’ on-demand access for unlimited users to as many of our short films, micro-courses, courses, video clips and trainer packs as you want.

Starting your journey – three easy steps

Step 1 – Select and preview

Getting started with a Skill Boosters ALP couldn’t be simpler. The only commitment we need from you is a little bit of your time to browse our catalogue and select the courses you and your team would like to preview. If you’d like assistance, advice or pointing in the right direction, the Skill Boosters team are always ready to help.

Once you’ve selected the initial courses you’d like to preview, email with the names of the courses and the email addresses of the colleagues you’d also like to take a look. We’ll send online access details straight over. If you need to preview other courses, just ask and we’ll add them to your account right away.

Remember, there’s no obligation to purchase an ALP at this stage. We just want you to see our approach to engaging and effective video-based online learning in action and consider how it can benefit your organisation.

Step 2 – Subscribe and start

OK, you’ve selected and reviewed the short films, micro-courses and courses you want to roll out first. Our technical people have spoken to your technical people (if necessary – all our courses are SCORM compliant so there are rarely any issues), you’ve reviewed our uncomplicated ALP Terms and Conditions and everyone’s happy!

It’s time to subscribe to the ALP pricing band which best matches the size of your organisation and start training.

Don’t worry, we won’t start the 12-month clock ticking the moment you issue a purchase order. We’ll supply all download links and work with you and your team to make sure everything is installed and ready to go first.

Step 3 – Demand and supply

Once you’re on board with Skill Boosters, we’ll supply you and any nominated members of your team with online access to a special subscribers’ version of our catalogue. It contains links which will allow you to launch every single short film, micro-course and course, giving you instant preview access the moment you see a training requirement that needs to be met.

To order additional courses, simply email and we’ll rush the download link over to you.

Here to help

Just as with an on-demand TV service, we don’t expect your organisation to view, download and use everything in our catalogue (unless you want to!). So, the Skill Boosters team is always here to help you identify the courses and resources that best meet your training needs as they arise.

Keeping you informed

We’ll let you know which great courses are in the pipeline, and give you advance previews to help your planning, share examples of innovative ways other organisations are utilising our resources and generally ensure you get the maximum value from your ALP subscription.

Contact us

Pricing plans

1 – 1999 employees

£ 5,000

Per year

2000 – 3499 employees

£ 7,500

Per year

3500 – 4999 employees

£ 10,000

Per year

5000+ employees

£ 15,000

Per year

All prices subject to VAT at prevailing rate where applicable

Training at the point of need

Subscribing to an Access-all Licensing Plan gives you the ability to train individuals, teams, departments or the whole organisation across a fast-growing range of topics and business skills.

Our courses work with all learning management systems (LMS) and across PC, tablet and smartphone. We can also supply you with video files to use our short films in the classroom, on the shop floor or out in the field.

Just a few of the features and benefits of subscribing to a Skill Boosters ALP:

  • Unlimited user numbers within your organisation – everyone can use everything!
  • Unlimited on-demand access to our entire course catalogue
  • Access to at least four new releases a year and all updates
  • LMS-compatible and mobile-friendly learning, whenever and wherever you choose
  • 11 free classroom Trainer Packs – slide deck, video clips and trainer notes
  • Over 300 video trigger-scenes for use in classroom training

In it for the long-term

Although your Access-all Licensing Plan is for one year, we don’t view our client relationships as short-term. We’re looking to build a strong and lasting partnership, where we really get to understand the training needs of your organisation. That’s important because we want to hear from you as to how we can make our courses even better and which new topics you’d like to see in our catalogue. So, we’ll do everything possible to give a great client experience to you and your learners, deliver exciting new courses and even more value for your training budget.

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