The Members' Resource Centre

The Members’ Resource Centre provides you with instant access to preview and download all of Skill Boosters’ online courses, films, trainer packs, learner notes and other useful items.

Online courses

Launch a full preview of every online course as it would appear on an LMS for your learners. Review appropriate courses for your training programmes before downloading them.

Film library

Over 50 short films ● All individual lessons from our online courses and micro-courses ● Lived experience videos ● Drama scenarios

Trainer packs

An all-in-one resource for trainers that includes a customisable PowerPoint presentation, engaging videos and trainer notes.

Learner notes

Search for course learner notes by category or keyword. Download instantly and distribute to your learners.

What is the Members' Resource Centre?

The Members’ Resource Centre (MRC) is the online platform via which a select number of decision-makers from your organisation – leaders, managers and trainers – can preview and download courses and resources to train your workforce. Once you download Skill Boosters content, it can be delivered via your Learning Management System and Intranet, and also used in presentations and workshops.

Who should have access to the MRC?

While a client may join us for a specific topic, the subscription model provides access to all behavioural training topics. Significant added-value is enjoyed by our clients who find a broader use for the resources than they might first have intended. To get the most out of the MRC, create a group of administrators who can best distribute and use resources across the whole business. Ensure you have provided Administrator ‘full access’ rights to at least one person who is responsible for uploading to your LMS/ Intranet.

How are the courses delivered and maintained?

The latest version of all of our online courses can be previewed and downloaded at any time from the Members’ Resource Centre. All courses are downloaded as stand-alone packages and no data is linked to Skill Boosters. The film content inside each course is streamed so that the course file remains small for easy upload to your LMS. If a course is updated you will be notified by email so that you can download the new version. Courses are delivered outside of the MRC where a client has requested customisation, translation, or shares a Rise Articulate licence. For members using the Skill Boosters LMS, courses are pre-loaded onto our LMS (a separate platform) ready for you to assign to your learners. The MRC can be used to preview the courses which you might like to roll out on the LMS.

Can I stream content from the MRC?

As part of your subscription all film content can be previewed in full on the MRC. This also provides you with the ability to stream films as part of a face-to-face group session or online workshop, if you would prefer not to download the film.

How do I choose from so much content?

The ‘Documents’ section of the MRC holds a set of downloadable catalogues which summarises everything on the platform. We also recommend looking at the version of our online course catalogue which is in the form of a course, gives some background about Skill Boosters, highlights new releases and includes lesson 1 of every course. Please share this link with colleagues:

Learning journeys

Skill Boosters support our members with recommended learning journeys

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Film library catalogue

Our film library contains hundreds of MP4 short films, lessons, drama scenarios, explainers and lived experience videos.

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