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Neurodiversity at work: A straightforward guide

By 24th February 2023March 2nd, 2023No Comments

Sample video from online course: ‘Neurodiversity: An introduction’

About this guide

Neurodiversity is the term that describes the idea that there is naturally occurring variation in the human brain, which can impact a series of brain functions such as how we interact with one another and how we process information.
The word neurodiversity is short for neurological diversity. Neurological or neurology is a word that describes the biological functioning of the nervous system, and in particular the brain. Neuro- is a prefix that can be applied to other words to discuss things relating to the nervous system or brain.

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“Neurodiversity is everywhere, so if your team are only neurotypical you're only designing for neurotypicality, and you're missing a huge part of the population.”

Dr Nancy DoyleFounder, Genius Within/Co-director, Centre for Neurodiversity at Work, Birkbeck, University of London

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