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Members' Update

Members’ Update 14th December 2022

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Conversation starter:  What does inclusion mean to you?

Our final Newsletter for 2022, so I thought I would provide a round-up of releases that we have delivered in the year, together with new releases for the first part of 2023. Several new bite-size videos were launched within our film library/internal marketing sections of our Members' Resource Centre (MRC), the latest one being 'What is intersectionality?'

Peter ThorpeHead of Business Development

Members update

Upcoming course:



Health and safety

Video Bites:

Mid-career MOT, privilege, millennials

So to recap, the new titles released on schedule during 2022 (in case you missed any), were:

In 2022 we also released new lived experience videos: Intersectionality

People are multi-faceted in their identities and may identify with several different marginalised or minority groups at the same time. These overlapping identities can result in multiple and intersecting forms of bias, discrimination and disadvantage that can affect areas such as workplace inclusion, educational achievement, and mental and physical health outcomes.

Intersectionality provides a framework for considering people’s overlapping identities and experiences in order to understand the complexity of the biases and prejudices that they face and take steps to address any resulting inequality or discrimination. Combining expert insight, personal stories and original drama, this course explains the concept of intersectionality and looks at how applying an intersectional lens can help us to achieve equity and inclusion in the workplace and beyond.

The full course will be ready in the latter part of January, and the short film in February. I’ll drop you an email when these are ready to preview and download.

I thought you might also like to know our most popular downloads for 2022:

Inclusion essentials

Upcoming new release in 2023

An inclusive organisation is one that can leverage diversity of skills, experience and perspectives in a way that enables staff to achieve their potential, ensures high-level performance and makes it possible to meet the needs of a diverse base of customers and service users. Combining thought-provoking drama and powerful lived-experience testimony with insight from leading equality, diversity and inclusion experts, Skill Boosters brand new Inclusion Essentials course looks at the benefits of being an inclusive organisation, the barriers and challenges faced by minority and marginalised groups in the workplace and beyond, and how to create an inclusive culture where everyone can thrive.

Sexual orientation

Our new course will be ready Q2 ahead of Pride and will explore the following:
  • How a person’s sexual orientation is a key part of their identity
  • The various LGB+ identities and how they allow people to express their individuality
  • The bisexual and asexual experience
  • The benefits and challenges of being out in the workplace about your sexual orientation
  • The sexualisation of LGB+ minorities, and how that can be a barrier to the normalisation of different sexual identities in the workplace and society.
  • Discrimination, what that looks like and how managers can deal with it
  • Psychological safety at work, what that means in the context of LGB+ and the idea of bringing your whole self to work
  • How a sexually diverse workforce feeds into policy and the customer experience.

New in 2023: Video Bites

These 2-5 minute ‘micro-learning’ modules provide additional insight from our featured experts and information about some of the key concepts and terminology that we use in our training. They can be used either as standalone resources or in conjunction with our courses for learners who want to take a deeper dive into a particular topic.

The Mid-career MOT

Working with your employees to evaluate their career, health and finances between the ages of 45-50 makes it possible to retain and develop your experienced staff and ensure a financially secure future for them when they leave. In this bite-size module, journalist and writer Camilla Cavendish explores the novel concept of the Mid-career MOT and explains why life after 50 can be the start of a whole new chapter in our working lives.

What is ‘privilege’?

The term ‘privilege’ is often misunderstood and misrepresented in conversations around inclusion, but a better understanding can help us to be more effective allies and create fairer and more equitable workplaces. What is ‘privilege’? explores the intersectional nature of privilege and explains why knowing where ours lies is key to tackling structural inequality.

Managing Millennials

Who are they, where did they come from and what do they want? Millennials expert Mark Leruste takes us on a whistle-stop tour of the events that shaped this singular generation and what makes them tick, and explains how to get the best out of your Millennial workforce.

As always, thanks for reading and for your continued custom with Skill Boosters. Enjoy the festivities/holidays and may I wish you all a healthy and happy 2023!

Haviva YanoverDevelopment and Partnerships Manager

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