Bullying and harassment

The Effective bystander: stepping up and speaking out

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Bystanders can intervene to challenge inappropriate conduct in many different ways. This course explains why it’s important to take action if you witness unacceptable behaviour and sets out a range of effective strategies.

Dr Helen Mott

So, there’s a very important role for bystander intervention in the workplace context and we shouldn’t underestimate how difficult it can feel for people to challenge behaviour constructively.

Dr Helen Mott, Women’s rights consultant and expert in sexual harassment prevention

As bystanders in our everyday and working lives, we all have a responsibility to take action when we witness bullying, harassment and other inappropriate behaviour. Bystander interventions can take a number of different forms that range from directly confronting the perpetrator about their behaviour to using distraction or interruption and offering support to those on the receiving end. Combining dramatised scenarios and psychological insights, this short course looks at some effective bystander intervention strategies and sets out when it might be appropriate and constructive to use them.

This training film will give a better understanding of:

  • why it’s important for bystanders to take action when they witness inappropriate behaviour
  • some common obstacles to effective intervention
  • key intervention strategies and when to use them.

The effective bystander (Lesson 1)

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