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With organisations around the world struggling to find the talent they need, recruitment processes need to enable employers to attract and hire the very best people. This means thinking creatively about how and where positions are advertised, determining the skills, traits and experience that will predict success in a particular role and ensuring that the interview and selection process is as objective and bias-free as possible.

Russell Beck

“Businesses everywhere, the main challenge they face with recruitment and trying to hire people is that there is not the volume of talent in the world that business wants to hire.”

Russell Beck, Head of Consulting and Collaboration, Impellam Group Plc

With organisations around the world increasingly struggling to find the skills and talent they need, organisations need to ensure that their recruitment processes enable them to get the best people for the job. This means:

  • considering how and where positions are advertised
  • determining the skills, traits and experience that will predict success in a particular role
  • ensuring that the interview and selection process is as objective and bias-free as possible.

How we work and the physical nature of the workplace itself are both changing.

More and more employers are taking creative and flexible approaches to sourcing and managing talent, and big open-plan offices and rigid ‘9-to-5’ jobs are increasingly giving way to smaller ‘experience centre’-style workspaces, online collaboration platforms and flexible styles of working.

Recruitment and selection: An introduction (Lesson 1)

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