Why everyone’s racing to find talent – and how to get ahead of the game

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Being able to attract and keep the best people will be key to weathering the ‘perfect storm’ of economic and social factors facing employers in the 21st century – and organisations whose recruitment and selection processes aren’t up to scratch risk being left behind in the scramble for talent.

Russell Beck

“Realise what the economy is going to do to you. It is going to make it far, far harder to hire the staff you need and to keep them. You’re going to need to consider talent holistically going forward … so do you buy it, build it, borrow it, bounce it, or boost it?”

Russell Beck, Head of Consulting and Collaboration, Impellam Group Plc

Hiring talent is regularly cited as one of the major challenges facing organisations today. In 2019, PwC’s 22nd Annual Global CEO Survey revealed that 79% of CEOs worry about the availability of key skills, citing it as one of their top three concerns. At the same time, against a backdrop of rapid social change, economic upheaval and technological advances the workplace itself is also undergoing a paradigm shift. Vast open-plan offices are increasingly giving way to smaller ‘experience centre’-style workspaces and online collaboration platforms, while rigid ‘9 to 5’ working hours and an in-house workforce cede ground to virtual teams, flexible working styles and the gig economy. And while these changes undoubtedly offer employers new scope for meeting their staffing needs, they inevitably bring with them an array of complex challenges.

Binna Kandola

“If organisations genuinely believe that their people are their greatest asset, then examining bias has to be central to everything that they do. Because otherwise, they’re going to be missing out on talent, people’s abilities are not going to be properly recognised … in fact, the organisation won’t be as productive and as profitable as it could be if we genuinely assessed people on their abilities.”

Professor Binna Kandola, Senior Partner, Pearn Kandola LLP

Effective recruitment is first and foremost about determining the skills, traits and experience that predict success in a particular role. It’s about defining your ‘edge’ and advertising in a way that attracts the right people, and then being able to interview and assess them in a way that lets their true potential shine. Crucially, too, effective recruitment is about considering all types of talent and making the process as objective and bias-free as possible – and ensuring that once people are working for you, their skills and abilities are properly recognised and nurtured.

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