Top 5 reasons for using video for training

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Ever wondered why more and more organisations around the world are switching from traditional training methods to video-based learning?

Training films are engaging and effective and support the way we learn and retain information. They are also flexible and let your people train ‘on the go’ and at their own pace – and it can save you money too. So what’s not to like?

Here are 5 reasons why we think that switching to video-based training makes sense.

1. Our training videos are engaging

We like watching videos. In fact, a recent survey found that 75% of staff said they’d be far more likely to check out video lessons than they would be to read printed documents, emails or online articles.

2. Using video is time-efficient

Researchers estimate that video-based training can get information across in about half the time of printed material. Staff can also use video to train on-the-go using their laptops, tablets and phones – meaning they’re spending less time away from their desks.

3. Video cures information overload

Studies suggest we are bombarded with 5 times more information than we were thirty years ago – and that’s a lot of data to process. Video helps to condense information and make it easier for us to digest and understand.

4. Training films save money

IBM managed to shave a massive $579 million off their training budget simply by switching their sales training from face-to-face sessions to video-based training – and removing the costs of travel, accommodation and time spent away from the office.

5. Video is effective

We remember visual images much better than words. Research shows that 80% of what goes into our long-term memory comes from seeing and doing, not from reading or hearing – which makes video the format of choice if you want real results.

Our training films come in these formats

Short film
An essential overview of the key learning points of a topic in a 10-minute film. For delivery online or in a classroom.
A 15-minute video-based online learning journey delivered in bite-sized chunks with an easy-to-use menu. Ideal for learning on the go.
A 30 to 60-minute video-based online training course with downloadable learner notes and assessment quiz.

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