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The six ways to well-being have been very carefully researched based on turning the problem on its head in a way and saying “if we look at people who feel well, what do they do?”

STEP 1: Getting some exercise gives your mind and body a much-needed boost.

Even just doing a bit more walking, if that’s all you can fit into your daily routine, will definitely make you feel better both physically and mentally.

STEP 2: New challenges keep us fresh, so try learning something new or even rediscovering an old passion. 

Taking a short course or maybe reading a book about a subject you are interested in, or even just researching something on the internet are all ways of stimulating your mind and avoiding boredom and frustration. 

STEP 3: Doing something for other people is one of the best ways of raising our spirits.

Giving time or giving things to others and helping other people out in some way, shape or form has been shown to make us feel good about ourselves, so try volunteering, if you’ve got the time, or even just helping out a neighbour or colleague. 

STEP 4: Make the effort to reach out and connect with other people – whether it’s family, friends, colleagues or the wider community. 

Having a social network of some sort is really important for our mental well-being. You don’t have to be going out every night with friends, but spending at least a bit of time with other people can help avoid feelings of loneliness and isolation. 

STEP 5: Being aware of the small things going on around us or just savouring the moment. 

Research is showing us that one of the most important ways to well-being is simply taking stock of things and appreciating our environment. It might be something as simple as looking at a flower that’s growing, or watching a child playing, but noticing what’s going on around us can help us to reconnect with and enjoy the world. 

STEP 6: Looking after the planet. 

Caring for our environment gives us a strong sense of purpose and helps us to feel connected with the wider world and part of something that benefits everyone. You might want to consider getting involved in a local regeneration project or volunteering at a wildlife trust – or even just joining others to help pick up litter in your neighbourhood.

Working with leading workplace psychologists and third-sector organisations, Skill Boosters have produced a range of best-selling training resources around employee well-being.

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