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Inclusive Leadership course: promotional video


Latest release:
Inclusive Leadership online course

Produced in association with Pearn Kandola LLP
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Inclusive leaders know how to leverage a diversity of skills, experience and perspectives in a way that delivers competitive advantage for their organisation. This course looks at the signature traits of inclusive leadership and explains the skills required to become a highly inclusive team leader or manager.

Produced in partnership with leading business psychology consultancy Pearn Kandola, this ground-breaking training contains up-to-the-minute insights from pioneers in the field of inclusive leadership, combined with original drama demonstrating inclusive leadership in action and tools for developing inclusive leadership skills at all levels of your organisation.

The course will look at:

  • The benefits of being an inclusive organisation
  • The key traits of inclusive leadership
  • The skills necessary to become an inclusive leader
  • Why inclusive leaders and inclusive teams are more effective
  • How to build an inclusive culture
  • The importance of building inclusive relationships
  • How tackling the impact of unconscious bias in the workplace leads to better decision-making

We produce and publish brave, engaging and effective training films which
enable individuals and businesses around the world to be the very best they can

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Our film making is at the heart of everything we do

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Internationally renowned experts, compelling drama scenarios, poignant and moving lived-experience

Engaging, accessible, effective

Bite-sized video chapters, learner notes, subtitles, transcripts and quizzes with an easy to use menu structure.

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Easy to deploy and track

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Enabling individuals and businesses around the world to be the best they can

Our video-based courses address meaningful workplace
challenges affordably and at scale

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We believe passionately that success comes from everyone being able to take their whole and best self to work, not just sometimes, every day. Our video-based training addresses meaningful workplace challenges in equality, diversity and inclusion, leadership and teamwork

Our video-based courses empower organisations and individuals
to tackle bullying, harassment and discrimination.

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Our fast-growing catalogue of off-the-shelf online video-based courses delivers learners access to internationally renowned experts, compelling drama scenarios, real people talking about their lived-experience, and thoughtful explanation of key learning points

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for inclusive, productive and healthy workplaces

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Drama scenarios


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Films for a better workplace

Best practice analysis and advice for today’s workplace from leading management thinkers and subject matter experts.

Genuine issues from the workplace, the business case for change and how leading organisations are successfully overcoming them.

High quality contemporary drama scenarios demonstrate the impact of behaviours and interpersonal skills on the work environment.

Real people openly sharing their experiences of good and bad workplace behaviour and the wider effect on them and their lives.

Expert trainer

Case studies

Drama scenarios

Lived experience

Our video-based courses support managers and leaders to succeed
by being dynamic, inspirational, self-aware and fair

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Our video-based training is optimised for delivery across all digital devices and learning management systems. Because we want everyone to be able to access our courses however, wherever, and whenever they choose.

Our video-based courses enable teams to
be inclusive, productive and successful

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Flexible licensing

We understand that for our clients to achieve lasting cultural and behavioural change high quality and effective training needs to be deployed affordably and at scale

Our video-based courses enhance business,
personal resilience and well-being.

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