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100s of video-based training resources for the workplace used by:

Flexible workplace training

Powered by leading subject matter experts, delivered via the Cloud

Online courses

Engaging video-rich training combining leading experts, drama scenarios, documentary sequence and lived experience

Expert trainers

Skill Boosters trainers and subject matter experts are passionate about delivering positive behavioural change in the workplace and individuals

Coaching and support

Skill Boosters trainers can provide 1-2-1 online support and mentoring at every step of your learning journey – book your session online today

Face-to-face workshops

Our network of trainers deliver face-to-face training workshops, bringing the Skill Boosters experience direct to your door

Consultancy & advice

Skill Boosters experts are on hand to create tailored solutions and policies for your organisation

Skill Boosters drama

Video clips

Short, dramatised scenarios with expert comment and analysis. Designed to be used in face-to-face workshops to trigger thought, discussion and debate.

Inform, engage, inspire

Skill Boosters video-rich online courses engage learners to bring about real and lasting behavioural change

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= Behavioural change

for inclusive, productive and healthy workplaces

Expert trainers

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Drama scenarios


Lived experience


The Skill Boosters experience

Best practice analysis and advice for today’s workplace from leading management thinkers and subject matter experts.

Genuine issues from the workplace, the business case for change and how leading organisations are successfully overcoming them.

High quality contemporary drama scenarios demonstrate the impact of behaviours and interpersonal skills on the work environment.

Real people openly sharing their experiences of good and bad workplace behaviour and the wider effect on them and their lives.


Expert trainer

Case studies

Drama scenarios

Lived experience

With you every step of the way

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